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Highlighting our members - Patricia Hamzahee


Each month we’re going to showcase some of our valued members in the Company of Communicators.


This month, we’re speaking to Patricia Hamzahee, who is based in London. After an illustrious career in Financial PR, she now enjoys a portfolio of roles, including Co-founder of Extend Ventures, Non-Executive Director of Social Enterprise UK, and Investment Committee of Better Society Capital.


How long have you been in Communications?


“I have held positions in Communications for over 20 years, in financial communications and investor relations with agencies and in-house. I no longer directly work in Communications, but provide investor relations support across the social enterprise sector.”


How did you came to Communications? 


“I was recognised during graduate school for outstanding writing skills as a speechwriter for some very prominent individuals, and was then invited to join a PR agency. After a few years a banking client headhunted me to lead their EMEA Corporate Communication in London.”


What has been a highlight of working in Communications? 


“My greatest highlight was winning Euromoney’s Most Improved Investment Bank, after the major restructuring that NatWest’s investment banking business went through. As always the communications played a major role in reshaping the business.”


Quick fire questions! 


Crisis or Launch campaign and why?

“I am an accredited Crisis Management specialist. One career highlight was creating then managing a Crisis Communications exercise for a global insurer across their 200 strong communications and executive leadership teams. For me communications is exposed at its best (and also worst) during a Crisis.”


If you had to make a sideways move, what sector would you go into and why? 

“I have already made a sideways move from traditional Corporate Communications to investor relations and then further to impact investing. I have been able to apply my communications skills and experience to stakeholder engagement and developing strong investment cases for great causes, individuals and social enterprises.”


What quality do you personally have that enhances your role in comms?

“Throughout my career journalists and others have praised me for the ability to make complex information (particularly with finance and investment) very easy to understand. I am also particularly good at finding the red thread that runs through an undertaking to help it make sense.”


Patricia sits on the Court, and the DEI Board. To connect, here is her Linkedin - 

If you would like to learn more about how to join the company, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Clerk, Ian Wingfield, who can be reached on email -



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