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The Company of Communicators Founder
Liverymen are listed below.

Founder Liveryman status will be bestowed on members once Worshipful Status has been granted

to the Company by the City of London Court of Aldermen.

The Company hopes to attain full Livery status by the end of 2023, subject to the completion

of all fundraising activities.

We would also be delighted to discuss corporate or individual sponsorship opportunities for your name or organisation's brand to be associated with an award for outstanding contributions in the field of

communications or an association with one of our events.

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Founder Liveryman

Dr Maurizio Bragagni, OBE, MBA, CDir FIoD

Jon Chandler - Past Master

Sean Curtis-Ward

John Dickinson-Lilley

Nick Dolezal

Anne Donoghue

Robert Double

Gavin Ellwood 

Alison Esse

Matt Fincham

Kelly Freeman - Past Master

John Gill

Mark Glover - Deputy Master

Neil Griffiths

Jason Groves  CC - Senior Warden 

James Gurling OBE - Past Master

Tony Halmos - Millenium Founder Member

Holly Harvey

Francis Ingham - Past Master

Sarah Jurado

Shraddha Kaul

Pamela Kingsland

Dan Large

Melissa Lawrence

Ed Lord - Millenium Founder Member - OBE, JP, CC

Alderman Michael Mainelli

Marshall Manson

Justine McGuinness - Middle Warden

Edmund McMahon Turner - Millennium Founder Member

Domenico Meliti

Jane Mitchell

Kevin Moore - Past Master and Millennium Founder Member

Dr Rick Morton

Dr Uday Nayak

Deborah Oliver TD - Past Master and Millennium Founder Member

Clare Parker

Andreas Payne 

Una Riley - Past Master

Iain Rodger

Danny Rosenbaum

Frederick (Russ) Russell-Rivoallan

Andrew Sillett

Alexander Singleton

Col Rosie Stone TD

Sally Sykes - Master

Simon Taylor

Eddie Tulasiewicz

lana Vidal

Sarah Wait - Past Master

Gloria Walker

Peter Walker - Millenium Founder Member

Richard Walsh

Alex Walster

Matt West - Renter Warden

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Membership also offers the chance to make lifelong friendships with like-minded people from all sectors of the communications industry.

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Meet The Court


The City Livery Movement

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