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The Company of Communicators is
committed to encouraging equality, diversity
and inclusion.

The aim is for our members to be truly representative of all sections of our profession and for our members to
feel respected and able to bring their full self to the work of the Company.


We support our members and the wider community within our profession to feel respected and valued in their role.

We support initiatives and organisations such as the CIPR and PRCA that are working to achieve this within our profession and the City of London livery movement.

We work collaboratively to challenge behaviours that show discrimination due to a person's gender, ethnicity, disabilities, sexual orientation, age, marital status, religion or beliefs, within the Company and wider livery movement.

We lead by example, so that other organisations outside the Company can see the benefits of inclusion.

Diversity is a fact of life. Equality is a legal requirement. Inclusion is good practice. It is the right thing to do for your people and organisation.


The Company and its members value integrity, trust, fellowship, inclusivity, and diversity.

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