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Join the Company of Communicators: 

Your key to the City, Your key to Giving Back

and your Key to Networking

The Company of Communicators is a membership organisation and modern trade guild founded in 2000 to contribute to society through charitable giving and by promoting the communications profession. We do this as part of the livery movement, the City of London, and wider society.
While our roots are based in the City of London, we have members from across the UK and internationally. Many of our members are part of the C-Suite or small business owners and are often at the height of their profession. We represent a wide-range fields, skills and expertise in communications and the allied professions from public/media relations and public affairs to corporate and financial communications, internal communications and digital communications.

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We currently offer three routes into membership:

Future Freeman: 

for early-stage career professionals, or those interested in the work of the Communicators but whose experience falls outside of the communications industry and its associated fields. We offer 20 places per year at a significantly reduced rate. It is expected that a Future Freemen will want to progress to a Freeman.


for communication/PR professionals or allied professions (i.e., as a supplier, adjacent service provider) that have shown career achievement. They make a specific commitment to contribute to the charitable fund. Freemen sign the Freedom Book and swear an oath of loyalty to the company and The King. Freemen make a lifelong commitment to the Company. Once the Company achieves full worshipful status, all Freemen (who have served for two years) can become a Liverymen. 

International Freeman:

for those who join the company while living and working overseas. They may be non-UK citizens working in Public Relations and Communications or allied professions. An international freeman is a full member of the company and ideally wishes to progress as freeman of the City of London. Note that the Company has a special scheme and reduced quarterage rates for its military members serving overseas.

Why Join - Unlock the Three Keys

Joining the Company of Communicators offers you an opportunity to unlock three keys: the key to the City, the key to giving back, and the key to fellowship and events.

1. The key to the City: we offer connections into, and a chance to learn more about, the City of London and Livery movement.

2. The key to giving back: we offer opportunities throughout the year to give your time and talent to our charitable partners.

3. The key to fellowship and events: we offer the chance to make lifelong friendships with people from all sectors of the communications industry. Fellowship is highly valued by our 250+ members. We have an active annual events programme (in-person and online) including member only events from the summer reception to our annual Military Dinner which celebrates the work of communicators in the armed forces.


Note that our fees are reviewed annually.

Future Freemen: £40+VAT per annum, plus a voluntary donation to the Charitable Trust

Freemen: £270+VAT per annum, plus a voluntary donation to the Charitable Trust

International Freeman: £135+VAT per annum, plus a voluntary donation to the Charitable Trust

How to Join:

There are three steps to joining the Company of Communicators. The process for joining the Company is the same for all three membership categories:


Step 1 - Proposers: Obtain two proposers to support your membership application. Proposers should already be a member of the Company of Communicators. If you do not know anyone in the membership, please contact the Clerk (CEO-equivalent) in the first instance at e:

Step 2 - Application form: Complete the online application form and declaration and submit it to the Clerk. Incomplete application forms will not be considered.

Step 3 - Approval: all applicants are reviewed by the Membership Committee once a month. The committee makes its recommendations to the Court of Assistants (Board-equivalent) for final approval.



Personal Information

Business Information

What relevant experience do you have in the communication profession or its related fields, applicable to the membership category you have selected? (max. 150 words)

What attracted you to the Company of Communicators and why do you want to join? (max. 100 words)

All our members are expected to give their time and expertise, and to donate what they can, to the Company of Communicators and our charitable partners. Are you willing to do this? 

Professional Information

Please upload a brief CV below

Upload File

Membership fees

The current annual subscription (also known as 'quarterage') for a Freeman is £270 + VAT and for a Future Freeman £40 + VAT payable by direct debit. There is no additional joining fee.


Your data will be kept confidential in accordance with our Privacy Policy.


I. I understand that admission to the Freedom or Future Freedom by application is through selection, based on my application form. My personal contact details will not be shared with anyone other than the Clerk and committee members as may be required from time to time, for specific purposes.


II. If elected to become a member of the Company of Communicators, I understand that I shall be required to pay annual quarterage, currently £270 for a Freeman and £40 for a Future Freeman, whether directly or via or my employer.


III. I further understand that I shall be encouraged to donate what I can afford, annually, to the Company of Communicators Charitable Trust. The minimum recommended amount is £100.


IV. I confirm that I have no criminal convictions or have not, to my best knowledge, contravened any generally accepted social norms that could bring the Company of Communicators into disrepute.


V. I agree that my personal details may be kept digitally for the purposes of processing my application and administering my membership of the Company of Communicators going forward.


VI. I confirm the information provided in my application to the Company of Communicators is correct.

Thank you! We will be in touch.

"Good communication is the lifeblood of successful markets. I joined the Company of Communicators to promote a better understanding of this important function

in the City. The Company of Communicators holds great events, with interesting

speakers and is an important forum for communicators to network and

address issues of the day in the City." 

James Gurling OBE, Managing Director - MHP Communications

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Meet The Court


The City Livery Movement

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