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These are challenging times for the communications profession but the pandemic has shown the fortitude and creativity of communicators across all sectors.

At a time when the importance of the profession has proved so crucial to the City of London and the nation as a whole, we are continuing to expand our membership, bringing a diverse set of perspectives to our work.

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Originally established over 20 years ago as the Guild of Public Relations Practitioners, today's Company of Communicators reflects the huge variety of roles within communications, from media relations, to internal communications; social media to website development; public affairs and lobbying to financial and corporate communications

The best communicators are able to bridge the gap between the complex and the comprehensible, using their skills to deliver messages to target audiences to create impact and action.

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"Good communication is the lifeblood of successful markets. I joined the Company of Communicators to promote a better understanding of this important function

in the City. The Company of Communicators holds great events, with interesting

speakers and is an important forum for communicators to network and

address issues of the day in the City." 

James Gurling OBE, Managing Director - MHP Communications

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