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Highlighting our members – Alex Walster

Each month we’re going to showcase some of our valued members in the Company of Communicators.


This month, we’re speaking to Alex Walster, who is based between London and Toulouse. He hasn’t always been in communications; after his HNC in Nautical Science at City of Glasgow College he became a Seafarer. Following which he moved into risk and resilience and later into ESG, joining Maersk Tankers and then Navigator Gas – where he is now a senior leader as Head of ESG and Communications.


How long have you been in communications?


“Since 2016 communication has featured in one form or another in my work. It started with welfare communications, organising company-wide events and training to make sure safety – with a huge element being Communications – was followed. In my present role, I lead on our communications strategy, tactics and implementation, which includes a mix of internal and external communications.”


What has been a highlight of working in Communications?


“I have really enjoyed being able to use communication to help my organisation advance its sustainability goals. Which is something I’m deeply interested in so I feel I have real purpose.”


What does the Comms sector mean to you?


“The communications profession is vital, because it provides so much scope to influence, to drive change and to advance. Internal comms helps create workplaces where people feel informed and valued, and helps people identify with their employers purpose and a mission.


External comms helps inform, educate, build relationships and establish a dialogue with stakeholders. In my view, Comms underpins everything we do in the world of work, and I love being part of it.”


What is your favourite podcast and why?


“DOAC! The Diary Of a CEO.


Mainly for the sheer variety of guests and topics. But also, Steven Bartlett invites enormously interesting people onto his show – often people I would never otherwise have heard of! Every episode I listen to gives me the opportunity to learn something new and hear conversations about things that are often not talked about.”


If you could change one thing about the sector what would it be and why?


“It would be to address the lack of diversity in the industry – which is why I’m in the DEI committee. Our role in communications is to communicate, but our industry is not reflective of the world we work in – how something resonates with me, is different to how it may resonate with you because of gender, our cultures growing up, our socio-economic background or just even how we use language. The statistics are shocking, and we know it is predominantly white and British, despite having more women than men in the profession, most of the top jobs are still held by men.


I think that a lot of work is going on inside the industry to address this, but I also think we need to take a long hard look at ourselves and ask whether what we have done so far is having the right impact. I also think that we still have a long way to improve representation and eliminate barriers to the profession.”


Alex sits on the DEI Board in the Company of Communicators. To connect, here is his Linkedin -

If you would like to learn more about how to join the company, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the clerk, Ian Wingfield, who can be reached on email



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