Future Freemen

It is an exciting time for the Company of Communicators as it approaches Worshipful Status.

So now is the time to get involved with this most modern of companies in the City of London Livery movement.

What is a Future Freeman?

Our new Future Freemen membership category enables up to 20 members per year to join the Company at a special low cost rate of £40.

As a Future Freeman you will be able to participate in our events, including specific events specifically designed for your needs.

There will be several Future Freemen events which will be charged at a minimal cost. Future Freemen can also attend full Company of Communicators events at membership rates. Future Freemen are also very welcome to actively participate in the Company's charitable work.

Who is it for?

Whether you are in house or at an agency, employed or self-employed, this category is designed to be a low cost first step into the Livery world and will enable you to benefit from mixing with some of the most senior people from the communications and public relations industry

Each Future Freeman is limited to a maximum period of three years -although we hope you'll want to become full Freeman way before that!

How to apply?

Applicants will be considered on a non-discriminatory basis. Nominations from existing members are welcome as part of the application form, but if you don't know anyone who is a member, we are happy to accept nominations from someone working with you in a professional communications capacity

To apply please click on the link

“Good communication is the lifeblood of successful markets. I joined the Company of Communicators to promote a better understanding of this important function in the City. The Company of Communicators holds great events, with interesting speakers, and is an important forum for communicators to network and address issues of the day in the City.”

James Gurling OBE,

Managing Director - MHP Communications
The Company of Communicators
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