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Is the Future still Human?

Why we need to Connect to Prosper. A debate – 18.00 for 18.30 start on June 4th at The Worshipful Company of Information Technologists’ Hall, 39a, Bartholomew Close. EC1A 7JN The motion is: “This house believes that human interaction is the path to increased productivity.”

As the UK heads for a General Election, there is no shortage of views on what any new government’s priorities need to be. And we can be sure that growth and productivity will be at the heart of the economic policy agenda, irrespective of who is in power. With debates raging about the role that Artificial Intelligence (and related innovations) will play in the future world of work and business, now is a good time to examine just how far human potential can be realised. And why it matters to have the human touch.

A launch group of 5 Livery Companies are working together to develop human potential, through shared skills and knowledge and common approaches to life-long learning, diversity and inclusion, creativity, and leadership, leading to a vibrant and connected City community. This Group offers expert and collective support to many aspects of the City of London Corporation’s agenda such as The Lord Mayor’s ‘Connect to Prosper’ theme, addressing diverse global challenges with the specific lens of human potential and creativity.

The emerging, group of companies who are concerned with Knowledge, Information and Human Potential are arranging a series of debates.Cost £20 per person – open event to Livery members and guests.

Please book via this link:

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