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The Company of Communicators is part of the 'Livery' - the City of London's trades associations and Guilds.


The Company contributes to society through charitable giving and by promoting the communications profession – including public relations, public affairs, corporate, external, and internal communications. It does so to the Livery movement, the City of London, and the wider world

The Company and its Members value integrity, trust, fellowship, inclusivity, and diversity.


With some 150 members, we are modern in our outlook and approach, recognising that professional communication is an essential activity throughout society.

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Our mission .....

  • Providing a platform for charitable giving and social action on behalf of the communications industry in the UK through pro bono activities - donating a proportion of our Charitable Fund to worthy causes every year

  • Promoting education and learning, building understanding and appreciation, of the practice of communications within the Livery, City of London and beyond

  • Creating networking and fellowship opportunities for senior communications practitioners

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