The Company of Communicators is committed to being a centre for charitable endeavour. The Court has therefore decided to create a platform for charitable giving and social action on behalf of the communications industry in the UK. Once introduced this platform will enable us to implement a program of pro bono activity in support of charities as well as providing a means to donate to our charitable fund - the Company of Communicators Trust - which in turn supports a number of worthy causes related to communications.


Family Links

Family Links supports children, parents and teachers with their emotional health and wellbeing, providing the understanding, skills and ability to lead emotionally healthy lives, build resilience, empathy, self-esteem and support positive relationships. Family Links delivers innovative, high quality training to health and social care services, third sector organisations, schools and universities.



The Duchess of Cambridge meets school children during a visit
to Pegasus Primary School in Oxford to learn about
the work of the charity Family Links


Clinks represents a range of charities working within the criminal justice system and supports the rehabilitation of ex-offenders.



The Clink Charity plans 20 training facilities in prisons by 2020

The opportunities available vary from one charity to another, depending on what is required, but might include mentoring, one-to-one coaching, drafting communications materials, or supporting other communications activity and/or programmes. This service is currently in its pilot phase and is managed by a volunteer, who provides ongoing administrative support is also able to measure the results in time spent and value delivered.