Volunteer professionals position communication as a force for good in society

A ground-breaking initiative has been launched to support charity communication work.

The Gift of Communication provides not-for-profit organisations with access to expertise from volunteer communication professionals from the Company of Communicators and International Association of Business Communicators’ UK and Ireland chapter.

The first Gift of Communication was a virtual session on March 24 during which participants discussed a range of challenges and focus areas, including internal communications and engagement, digital and social media, PR and external communications. Ten organisations benefited from the expertise of over 30 volunteers.

Participating organisations took pages of notes back to their work. In consultancy terms, the estimated value of the session was £6,000.

Commenting on the immediate impact of the session, Derek Newton of the Worshipful Company of Actuaries said: “High-quality practical/pragmatic suggestions from high-quality practitioners.”

Rachel Woolf from the homelessness charity, Street Storage, said: “Specific, relevant and practical ways to improve the charity’s own PR and comms. The volunteers seemed really engaged and enthused about what we are doing and where we want to go.”

Company of Communicators Junior Warden and IABC Fellow, Neil Griffiths, who brought the two organisations together to collaborate on the event said: “I know I speak for both the Company and the IABC by saying we are delighted that we could bring the power of communication to the charities that joined us for the event. We wanted to extend the impact of our members’ expertise to benefit organisations doing important work in the City and beyond. We look forward to hearing about the impact of the event over the months to come.”

Following the success of the event, it is planned to host a further edition in future.