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Together for Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

By Court Assistant, Neil Griffiths, Head of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Upon her installation in 2019, our Master, Sarah Wait, outlined a vision for the Company that had a strong focus on diversity, equality and inclusion. Seen as critical to how our Company will move forward into its future, the Master had asked the Court and leadership team to be open to a wide-ranging review of how we work, such that DE&I could be woven into the fabric of how we operate as a Company. Since that time, we have, both as a Working Group and then more widely with the members of the Court, undertaken a period of introspection, making some bold recommendations towards building a more inclusive, equal and diverse Company in the short- and long-term. This has included, amongst other things, looking at our governing papers (to ensure DE&I are woven in), establishing goals/measures for our senior leaders, committing to training of all Court members on unconscious bias, and ensuring transparency and equity in our member application process and our Court elections. We are also working with the Membership Committee to determine appropriate aspirations for increased diversity within our membership overall. We are now busily implementing these recommendations, and of course, we are now turning our attention to the opportunities we have externally to build on this work, expand its reach and influence across the Livery and the City more widely, as well as bringing in insights and expertise to strengthen our approach.

With this, we are delivering on the promise we made back in 2019. It was of course just as important then as it is today, but recent world events have shone a light on why this matters so much. From systemic racism to inequalities in organizations the world over, we're seeing the detrimental human impact of bias, hatred and unfairness. We continue to take action to make sure our Company is a leader in supporting underrepresented groups, creating a space where communication professionals from all backgrounds can benefit from the fellowship of our Company and the unique experience it gives its members, as well as being able to give back to society through our charitable endeavour. For more details, please get in touch with me or any of the members of our Court.

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