Taylor Bennett Foundation request support of the Company of Communicators membership to deliver Mast

Updated: May 14, 2020

We have received a request from the Taylor Bennett Foundation, a charity that exists to encourage black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) graduates to pursue a career in communications. The Communicators and in particular the Company’s Diversity & Inclusion Group support the Foundation. The TBF are running their final two programmes of 2019 are looking for some support from our membership to help them deliver these.

The first programme is their PR Training programme. Six graduates join on 23rd September for 10 weeks and TBF are looking for Masterclass hosts to help to provide an insight and to build the graduates knowledge of the communications industry. The autumn programme is sponsored by Finsbury Global. Attached is a one pager that outlines what they are looking for and top tips for delivering a masterclass.

The second is their PR Mentoring programme, which has been revamped and relaunched this month. Designed to directly address the need for greater ethnic diversity in the communications industry, our six-month PR Mentoring Programme involves PR practitioners sharing their insights into how the industry operates and how best to prepare for the job market.  

Being part of this PR Mentoring programme is a great opportunity to give back and feel a sense of achievement in helping someone start their own career journey in PR and communications.

The forthcoming Master’s year focus is on Inclusion and Diversity and we are keen to get the membership to support to the Foundation and their graduates.

Please let the Clerk know if you are interested and she will share contact details with you with the Taylor Bennett Foundation