Please join our fundraising campaign for the Digital Divide Campaign

We are raising funds to support The Livery Schools Link Digital Divide campaign. You can donate here:

The Company of Communicators is a long-time supporter of the Livery Schools Link, which connects livery companies and schools for the benefit of young people. Among other things, we have for the past several years participated in their careers fair where we have spoken to secondary school children about careers in public relations and communication.

The pandemic has highlighted the issue of ‘device poverty’ that many children of school age have faced as classrooms have gone virtual and schools closed their doors. Whilst this is certainly not a new phenomenon, the past 12 months have really brought it to the fore. To address this, the Livery Schools Link has established the ‘Digital Divide’ fundraising campaign, and, working with livery companies, business and individuals, it is raising money to buy devices and connections for the most disadvantaged students in schools who are suffering device poverty.

Our goal is to raise £2000 in the name of the Company – the equivalent of a maximum donation to the school through the Digital Divide Campaign. You can donate through the Virgin Money Giving page we have set up in the Company’s name here: