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New Master & Court

Mark Glover, Executive Chairman, SEC Newgate UK, was installed as Master of the Company of Communicators last night (Monday).

Outgoing Master James Gurling (l) and Mark Glover (r)

The event was attended by over 100 members at Glaziers Hall.

Special guests included the Master Glazier Phil Fortey, Master Marketor Trevor Brignall; the Master Plumber Paul Nash; along with the Deputy Mayor of Southwark Cllr Michael Situ; Semma Malhotra MP, Shadow Business Minister; Neil Coyle MP; and numerous other Southwark councillors reflecting Mark’s role as an Honorary Alderman of the London Borough of Southwark.

Semma Malhotra MP, Shadow Business Minister

The ceremony also involved new Court Assistants being installed: Carole Foster, Jason Groves, Edward Lord, Jon McLeod and Gloria Walker. In addition, Neil Griffiths stepped up to Senior Warden, Sarah Jurado to Middle Warden and Court Assistant Sally Sykes to Junior Warden. James Gurling became Deputy Master.

New Master and Wardens: L to R - Neil Griffiths, Sally Sykes, Mark Glover, James Gurling, Sarah Jurado

In his speech, the new Master said: “Our membership will continue to grow, get more diverse, be relevant and a permanent feature in City life and will achieve that full worshipful status we all desire.”

He said his main objective for the Company is to make it more relevant to the world around us. “This is why I have been a consistent champion for ensuing that those from less privileged backgrounds are given the opportunities they need, especially through education and lifelong learning to develop their skills and careers.

“We will be publishing the results from this year’s Diversity and Inclusion Survey to demonstrate the great work the Company has done in achieving significant improvements in diversity across many areas of our membership. There is much still to do but we should recognise our progress to date and publishing our survey results allows others in the Livery to compare diversity results and efforts.

"I wish to expand and broaden the scope of our events and activities. I am therefore pleased to announce that this coming year I will be holding a range of different events broken down into three categories, our traditional premium events, regular networking events and a range of interest events. Our premium events will include a Charity Dinner, which we plan to hold at the Girdlers Hall in late March, our ever-popular Summer Reception at the Apothecaries Hall in June and our Military Dinner in Sept/Oct time.

Around these events we will plan a number of networking events both in person and online to all members to meet each other and learn more about the work of the Company and the wider Livery movement including events targeted at our Future Freeman, a visit to the Tower of London and finally a number of smaller fun events around specific topics of interest; such as the online whisky tasting, quiz night, Livery and industry talks, all of which are being arranged in agreement with our events committee. A list of these events will be published online for the year ahead.”

You can see more photos from the evening here

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