New Master celebrates diversity while seeking greater inclusivity

Updated: May 14, 2020

Sarah Wait last night (29th October) became Master of the Company of Communicators for 2019/20 at the annual Installation Ceremony held at the Waterman and Lightermen’s Hall in the City of London. Sarah took over from Gavin Ellwood, the outgoing Master.

Celebrating Diversity with the Past Masters: (left to right) Sponsoring Alderman David Graves; Kelly Freeman; Gavin Ellwood; Sarah Wait (Master); Jonathan Chandler; Katherine Sykes; Kevin Moore

In her year-long tenure as Master, Sarah will be responsible for leading the Company, encouraging stakeholder engagement, raising its profile, as well as helping shape best practice throughout the communications industry.

Sarah, who is Director of Forward Planning Services at Kantar’s Media Division, said: “It’s a real honour to be selected as Master by the Company of Communicators, and I’m keen to make the very most of this prestigious role. Every year must have a theme, and mine has been consistent throughout my time at the Company: Inclusion, Diversity and Equality.

“I’m proud to be the sixth female Master, but that diversity goes even further than gender. Whether it’s ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, age, diversity of thought, or socio-economic experience, celebrating a whole range of identities allows us to be truly inclusive, and infinitely more representative of the profession we serve.”

Court of the Company of Communicators 2019-20

The Company of Communicators is one of a number of modern livery companies, designed to promote the communications profession within the livery movement and the City of London, as well as contribute to society through charitable giving. Its remit includes public relations, public affairs, corporate, external and internal communications.

Newly installed Members 'taking wine' with the new Master Sarah Wait

The Ceremony was held at the Company of Waterman and Lightermen in the City of London.

For the full speech that Sarah gave on her vision for the future please look here.