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Master's update - 1 April 2020

I start this note hoping that you are all well and safe. I think it is fair to say that this year has not panned out exactly as I originally planned! It was with great sadness that we took the decision to postpone the Spring Dinner celebrating Diversity, but life has taken over the Communicator’s agenda and so we now need to think about supporting our families, colleagues and business and realistically our country for the next few months.

I would normally talk about things I have been up to in the City but that has been severely curtailed. That said, I would like to thank Court Assistant Shraddha Kaul who kindly stepped in at the last minute to cover me in the Inter Livery Pancake Race on the 25th February. I su

spect many of the participating Masters thought that the Communicators provided a “ringer” given Shraddha is younger than most by decades and definitely more agile than all, which she proved when winning the Mas

ters’ Race. Unfortunately, I was unable attend due to a twisted ankle.

That feels like a lifetime ago and the virus has changed our lives in ways we could not imagine. Like many, I keep thinking I will wake up to find it is a bad dream, but it is not. I am aware than many of you run our own businesses and as a former founder of a startup, fully understand what running your business - tough at the best of times - must now feel like. So, for those who are in this situation, or whether freelance or contractor, please do reach out to your fellow members and/or the Court so we can offer, if nothing else a person to talk to, and in some cases practical advice, and hopefully a little help.

Those of us in larger organisations now have to now manage businesses, transitioning to full homeworking and maintaining the moral of staff who will face a myriad of issues from personal to IT to “will I still have job in a months’ time”. Again, this is the time where we can share with each other methods and issues that have worked and been resolved.

The Lord Mayor sent a note out via our Learned Clerk about how we have to look to forward to support the revival and resurgence of the City and the economy, but this could also be the opportunity to do things better, better for our clients, better for our country’s economy and better for our own personal lives. This is also an opportunity for us to lend our skills to support this endeavor; London has been hit by many disasters and challenges, but it always rises again.

As communicators we have the skill sets to support others, but I would urge you not to forget yourselves. Some of you will have deal with distressing issues and communicating extremely bad news both externally and internally and whilst we are mainly seasoned professionals this is virgin territory for the young and old and everyone will need support.

We are exploring the option to put together some virtual events to keep the Company reaching all of the members and their friends and colleagues. I would like to create a virtual Diversity Event on the 29th April as a taster of the dinner so will speak to our guest speaker about this. I am looking at the different applications that are available to facilitate this. Could we also run a virtual news quiz?

In the meantime, the Communicators will work to support and create a virtual but real fellowship of its members and the industry, but like everyone else I would urge you to keep safe and I look forward to seeing you in person whenever it is permissible. In the meantime you can find me at at my dining room table once again, where I started my business 20 years ago.

Sarah Wait, Master of the Company of Communicators

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