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Livery Schools Link - September update

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

1. Volunteering Platform

Livery Schools Link (LSL) has been working on its volunteer platform to encourage links between members of Livery Companies and schools for just over 4 years now. The product has worked well but it became clear that we would need some staff if we were to expand throughout the UK. We have therefore decided that the best way forward from here was to seek partnerships with other organisations in the field. We are delighted to announce that we have agreed to go into partnership with two independent charities, Speakers for Schools and Inspiring the Future. These two organisations are well established and will provide exciting opportunities for volunteers helping to increase the employability of students in education. The two charities work with publicly funded schools and colleges mainly in areas across the country where the young people come from socially disadvantaged backgrounds. It has been agreed that volunteers will sign up through the LSL Website as before Each Livery volunteer will be asked to name their Livery Company on their sign-up form. This will enable an annual report to be sent to each Livery Company on the amount of volunteering activity undertaken through this route.

2. Campaign to raise funds for Digital Devices

LSL launched a fundraising campaign in July to help buy devices and connections for disadvantaged students in schools who have limited or no possibility of working online. The digital divide has been around for a long time and the Covid-19 crisis has highlighted the problem with many students from disadvantaged backgrounds being unable to access online schooling. The use of online education is likely to be used more in the future as people have become accustomed to using this and the enhancing opportunities it can bring alongside face to face engagement. The campaign has already attracted over £47000 in donations and this will enable us to support 14 schools to help their students who cannot get online at present.

3. Livery Showcase

The dates of the Livery Showcase which is part of the London Careers Festival (LCF) at the Guildhall are 6-7 July 2021. The secondary school Showcase is on Tuesday 6 July and the primary Showcase is on Wednesday 7 July. The LCF runs from the 5-7 July and the two main events are the Livery Showcase and Apprentice 21. Apprentice 21 will be on 5 and 6 July. The 2020 LCF was held virtually in the last week of June. 72 different schools made bookings for Webinars, 91% of which were in the Greater London area. 2500 secondary school students were booked and 300 primary school students. The resources on the LCF website were accessed by 296 schools.

4. Livery Education Conference

The eighth Livery Education Conference will be held on Tuesday 9 March 2021 at Merchant Taylors’ Hall. Further details will be available in the autumn.

5. HELP Careers app

It is exciting to announce that a decision has been taken on the future of the HELP Careers app. HELP stands for the affiliation of the people on the current development group: H - Horners’ Company, E - Educators’ Company, L - Livery Schools Link and P - project. We have been working with a computer firm SACU who also have a careers app based on their career quiz engine. HELP was always targeted at year 9 when choices are made, while the SACU App is aimed at years 11-12 when tertiary or university careers are the focus. We are therefore going to run HELP and SACU as sequential careers apps and incorporate it into the SACU offering. Initially, there will be no data harvest from HELP, but it will attract some advertising. A formula will be devised for giving a "modest royalty stream" for the IP from HELP. There will be a role for the present development group as part of a steering group for HELP. Full details are still worked out.

HELP is an online picture based quiz placing students in 1 of 16 zones using cloud presentation technology to present each student with:

• personalised career clouds;

• fun insect categorisation;

• wording for each zone;

• personalised radar;

• and the ability to drill down into each career using a 'Bubble visualisation’

to show each student:

• the latest labour market information

• Degree overview information

• Apprenticeship overview information

• Career Website links.

It is excellent news that all the work that has gone on has come to fruition.

6. Livery in Education booklet

It has been decided to postpone publication of the next edition until March 1 2021 so that it is ready for the next Livery Education conference. Requests for updates to Company entries will be sent out in September.

Dr Elisabeth Goodwin


Livery Schools Link

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