Leading first: Diversity, Equality & Inclusion at The Company of Communicators

Updated: May 14, 2020

As our Master entered her year leading our Company, she articulated a vision of leadership in the area of diversity, equality and inclusion. Your leadership group is committed to creating a leading position for the Company of Communicators within the Livery with regards to diversity and inclusion - clearly demonstrating our commitment to inclusion in all that we do. It’s about removing any barriers that might prevent anyone bringing their full self to the Company, something that we believe would impede our ability to fulfil our purpose.

For the better part of a year, a small (but productive!) working group has been discussing the right way to draw our line in the sand and demonstrate our commitment in this space to our members and the wider Livery. In March 2020, the working group will have made a substantial submission to the Court with a series of recommendations that cut across all the workings of the Company to ensure we are consciously practicing inclusion wherever and however we can in our work. We’ve conducted a comprehensive review of our governance, our internal processes and our practices – to make sure we are doing more than ‘talking a good game’. We figured that it was better to get our own house in order before going too far with more external-facing matters. Upon approval of the recommendations, we will be sure to let the membership know the extent of the direction we are moving. Do stay tuned for more!

The working group will then get to work on a multi-year plan that goes beyond just the internal workings of the Company and expands to working across the Livery to kick-start the conversation across the City. This will very much build on the work the Master has been doing to build relationships with the City of London Corporation, the Aldermen, other livery companies, and to ensure our presence is felt in key external fora (such as this year’s Pride celebrations supporting the LGBT+ community).

In many ways, we are just at the beginning of our journey, but it feels as thought we have already made much progress. There’s lots to come and we look forward to everyone within the Company joining us for the ride.