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Gift of Communication Create Connections

Join us for the FREE Mini-Conference exclusively open to charities and their communicators (Dec 9)

How can you address the challenges in our post Covid world where charities face an estimated £10bn funding short fall with increased demand for essential services?

This is the question addressed in our mini conference for those within charities wanting to review and improve their communication.

Our Gift of Communication event shares ways to create vital connections: in this online session so you can:

ü Communicate effectively in our new virtual world

ü Involve and engage your supporters

ü Inspire with stories and show positive impact of your work

As the name implies, this is our free gift to you. Leading communication professionals from the Company of Communicators and the International Association of Business Communicators UK and Ireland will share practical advice from the best social media choices for you to ways of getting your message across to aid fundraising and support.

The event will be held via Zoom from 2pm – 4.30 pm 9th December, with a keynote by an inspiring charity leader and breakout sessions where you can create your own connections by sharing experiences, asking questions and discussing what you’ve learned.

Find out more by contacting and register on the following link:-

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