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COC: Winners of The Clarity in Charity Communications Awards 2020

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

The Clarity in Charity Communications Award for 2020 has been awarded this evening to James fforde, Court Member, The Fishmongers Company. The award was presented jointly by Sarah Wait, Master communicator and Mr Andy Lane, Deputy Master of the Worshipful Company of Glaziers and Painters of Glass. The presentation was made during the virtual Diversity and Inclusion event of the Company of Communicators.

The judges were impressed by the Pandemic partnership between the Fishmongers and a taxi firm called Minicabit (Britain’s largest cab comparison site) to enable frontline NHS workers, exposed and tired, to get to and from work and home, with a free taxi ride. Using Fishmongers’ Company Charitable Trust as the funding mechanism, the scheme raised over £300,000 in its two-month lifespan, facilitating more than 3,500 journeys for NHS staff across 30 cities.

The prize – a specially commissioned leaded glass roundel – was created by artist Emma Butler-Cole Aiken working from her studio in Selkirk.

The team of judges awarded the Runner Up certificate to Simon Herland of the World Traders Company who impressed with his production of a video in support of the World Traders' Tacitus Lecture. As a follow up to the 2019 Tacitus Lecture by Christine Lagarde, Head of the International Monetary Fund, Simon volunteered to make a video showing the impact of the Lecture on the students who had been invited. Simon contacted students at several schools who had attended and set up interviews, producing the video with minimal resources and demonstrated very effectively the educational importance of the Lecture.

Sarah Wait, Master of the Company of Communicators and Chair of the Judging Panel, said: “It was very difficult to separate out the quality of applicants. The scheme to support NHS workers to travel free door-to-door, day or night, was a superb initiative – giving these valuable workers one less thing to worry about. The impact of the communications campaign resulted in over £300k raised for charity and enabled the service to operate in 30 cities. It is an excellent example of a Livery Company responding to national issue and making a serious and practical charitable contribution to help those many of whom are probably only vaguely aware of the City of London Livery movement.

Suzanne Galloway, Master of the Company of Glaziers and also a judge for the award said: “ The quality of entries for this year’s award was very high. The innovative and excellent communications approach of James Fforde and the team at Fishmongers, working with Minicabit and the NHS, stood out for both the funds raised and the usefulness of the scheme.”

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