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Company of Communicators bolsters charitable impact with Head of Volunteering appointment

The Court of the Company of Communicators - the Livery company’s governing body - has appointed Susan Walker as its first Head of Volunteering. This new post will ramp up the Company’s charitable impact by sourcing pro bono communications support to organisations in need and improving connections with the City’s charitable efforts.

The Company contributes to society through charitable giving and by promoting the communications profession – including public relations, public affairs, corporate, external, and internal communications. It does so to the Livery movement, the City of London, and the wider world.

The new, volunteer role is responsible for leading the development and implementation of the Company’s approach to volunteering. This role reports to the Chair of the Charity Committee (Junior Warden).

The Company of Communicators’ Charitable Trust, supports various charities including the Livery Schools Link which promotes the support of pupils across London in their preparation for the world of work . The Head of Volunteering will be responsible for nurturing this important relationship and developing other existing links with organisations like the Taylor Bennett Foundation and the Media Trust.

Susan is a specialist in communication measurement and employee research and author of the definitive book on the subject “Employee Engagement and Communication Research” She is a Trustee of the Ipsos MORI Foundation charity for the education of refugee children worldwide, the Shipston Museum and was on the Magna Carta 800th Anniversary Committee.

Company of Communicators’ Junior Warden Elect and Chair of the Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Committee, Neil Griffiths commented:

“I am delighted that Susan has agreed to serve the Company and its members. The Company has made great strides in recent years to support the diversity of the communications profession and to encourage our Freemen to volunteer to assist other Livery Companies and charities. We aim to engage with members and deploy volunteers through a diverse and inclusive approach.”

Neil is the Global Head of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion at Environmental Resources Management (ERM) and is himself a serial volunteer.

Company of Communicators Freeman and Head of Volunteering, Susan Walker said:

“My own experience of volunteering has shown me how rich an experience it can be There’s a huge potential with the experience and skills of volunteers, particularly essential today. This is often underutilised and my focus will be to connect the opportunities to contribute with the enthusiasm and energy of our Freemen for charitable causes.

Our focus as a Company is to promote the profession, to be active within The City Livery movement and opportunities to volunteer contribute to that.”

Livery Companies and other organisations linked to the City of London, who cannot fund consultancy support – or need help to prepare a brief, can contact Susan through the Clerk:


Issued by and contact

Deborah Oliver

Master Elect, Company of Communicators


Notes for Editors:

The Company of Communicators is part of the ‘Livery’ - the City of London’s trades associations and Guilds. The Company is a modern Livery Company, promoting the communications profession and contributing to society through volunteering and raising funds for the Charitable Trust.

The Company is managed by a Court of Assistants (the Court), led by the Master, who is supported by three Wardens. The Master is elected annually, serves for one year and then often takes the role of Deputy Master for another year. The Court meets at least four times a year to discuss Company matters including fundraising activities, events and other activities.

The Company has over 110 Freemen (members) and is seeking to raise funds for its Charitable Trust as part of the communications industry’s drive to equal other ancient and modern trades and professions in the City of London, by gaining full Livery Company status.

The Company and its Members value integrity, trust, fellowship, inclusivity, and diversity.

We are modern in our outlook and approach, recognising that professional communication is an essential activity throughout society.

Our mission .....

· Providing a platform for charitable giving and social action on behalf of the communications industry in the UK through pro bono activities - donating a proportion of our Charitable Fund to worthy causes every year

· Promoting education and learning, building understanding and appreciation, of the practice of communications within the Livery, City of London and beyond

· Creating networking and fellowship opportunities for senior communications practitioners


The Company has in the past offered a service to match ad hoc requests from the charitable sector with pro bono advice and services from members. After a hiatus where the development of a ‘volunteering platform’ was explored, the Company now wants to resurrect the original volunteering concept over the next six-months. The next phase will be to review the operation and to make recommendations to the Charity Committee of the Company.

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