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Company of Communicators’ 2021 Clarity in Communications Award

The Company of Communicators’ 2021 Clarity in Communications Award has been won by the Worshipful Company of Glovers’ Prosthetic Hands campaign.

Figure 1 Michael Dalton, Master of The Worshipful Company of Glaziers & Painters of Glass; Deborah Oliver, Master Communicator; Minnie Harris and Katherine Ray from the Worshipful Company of Glovers

It raised awareness for the need of prosthetic hands for those born with limb differences or who have lost hands through illness or accident.

The Glovers Prosthetic Hands team built constructive relationships between companies producing software for prosthetic limbs to enhance quality of live for children as young as three months old.

The judging panel was particularly impressed by the good use of volunteers, the link with traditional City charitable work and in the production of very clear communications outcomes. In particular, the campaign was very effective in reaching out to the wider social media through its use of Facebook. Of special note is the 22 miles swam in 22 days, the length of the English Channel, by Minnie Harris which raised over £7,000 to provide children with Koalaa Sleeves.

At the ceremony at Glaziers' Hall in the City of London last night (October 12), certificates were also awarded to the runner-up, the Livery Kitchen Initiative.

This campaign initiated by the Worshipful Companies of Drapers, Grocers and Merchant Taylors raised over £670,000 provided over 160,000 meals to four Barts NHS Trust Hospitals and through supporting the City Harvest another 2,000 meals a week across deprived communities in East London. The panel considered that the use of communications had been very informative and well-presented trough initiatives such as the Livery Kitchen Cookbook achieving excellent results. The campaign was hugely successful in gaining greater media coverage than originally planned with hundreds of volunteers getting involved.

Figure 2 Richard Winstanley, Clerk to the Worshipful Company of Drapers accepting the commendation for the Livery Kitchen initiative

The Worshipful Company of Coachmakers and Coach Harness Makers’ nominee was also commended for its success in achieving long-term outcomes. Their communications programme marshalled resources from the company’s membership to inform universities and charities about the positive work of the livery movement through raising over £330,000 in scholarships for A-level and university students. Their initiative reached more members than initially targeted through the imaginative use of social media platforms such as LinkedIn.

Figure 3 David Cole accepting the certificate for the WC of Coachmakers

Presenting the award, Master Communicator Deborah Oliver said: “It is a pleasure and privilege for me to present these awards as my last act as Master of the Company of Communicators. It has been really wonderful to see the spirit of charity flourish in these trying times and for the livery movement to play its full part in helping those very much in need. The nominations were all of high quality, fittingly becoming of the traditions and customs of the City of London but also of the standards of professionalism of within Communications and Public Relations. I look forward to another successful batch of nominations next year.”

The Clarity in Communications Award recognises excellence in communications by an individual or company that is not a professional communications practitioner, and who is also linked to the livery movement and/or the charitable sector.

The award is made in partnership with the Worshipful Company of Glaziers and Painters of Glass, who commissioned the unique leaded glass roundel, which was created by artist Emma Butler-Cole Aiken working from her studio in Selkirk.


Andy Sillett

Company of Communicators press

07884 003 221

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