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20 years; 20 Communicators

To celebrate the Company of Communicators 20th anniversary we are profiling 20 Company members in the lead up to our big day.

Today we profile Neil Griffiths, Global Head of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion at ERM, the world’s largest sustainability consulting firm.

Career Highlights

  • 2020 – present: Global Head of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion at ERM, the world’s largest sustainability consulting firm.

  • 2014- 2020: Global Communication & Global Inclusion Lead, ERM

  • 2012 – 2014: Director, Brand & Strategy, SNC-Lavalin

Why did you join the Company of Communicators?

Neil Griffiths: Quite simply because I was honoured to be asked. It felt very different than your ‘typical’ professional membership to be invited to play a part in the Livery movement. I was also still building my network in London and it seemed like a great community of senior professionals.

What benefits have you derived from joining?

Neil Griffiths: What I think feels different about the Company is that because we’re not scrambling to professionally develop our members, the events are all genuinely interesting and the interactions you have with people are all very real. I have loved advancing the charitable impact of the profession and bringing the power of what we do to the benefit of those who need our expertise the most. I have also really enjoyed learning more about the City and all its traditions and history. Driving sheep across London Bridge has to be a highlight!

What are the main challenges you are experiencing in communications today?

Neil Griffiths: I think they the same as they always have been, but with a different coating. Being able to focus on the right outcomes by truly understanding stakeholders and their needs, setting the right kind of objectives to help guide the strategic and tactical execution of the communication itself and then measuring to see that you got there - these are the perennial challenges we continue to face. I am pleased to see the conversation shifting to be one of impact, as that's really what we need to be thinking about.

If you are interested in joining the Company of Communicators, please click here

Members can book tickets for the 20th anniversary reception here

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