20 years; 20 communicators

To celebrate the Company of Communicators 20th anniversary we are profiling 20 Company members in the lead up to our big day.

Today we profile Stephen Waddington, Founder and Managing Partner of Wadds Inc.

Career Highlights:

· 2020-present: Founder and Managing Partner of Wadds Inc., a professional advisory firm, working with agencies and communication teams

· 2019 – 2020: Managing Director, Metia Group

· 2015 – 2018: Chief Engagement Officer, Ketchum

· 2014- present: Visiting Professor in Practice at Newcastle University

· 2014: President, CIPR

· 2009 –2012: Managing Director, Speed, a PR agency

· 1998 – 2009: Managing Director, Rainier, a PR agency

Why did you join the Company? Stephen Waddington: The Company of Communicators is raising the profile of public relations among professions in the City of London. It is also helping tackle the challenge of socio-economic diversity, directly and through support for the Lord Mayor’s charitable endeavours.

What benefits have derived from joining?

Stephen Waddington: The livery movement has its roots in the 12th Century. It is a historic and important movement within the City of London. The Company provides access to a wonderful network of colleagues and an opportunity to meet around fantastic events throughout the year.

What are the main challenges you are experiencing in communications today?

Stephen Waddington: The development of corporate communications and public relations as a management discipline is the single biggest challenge facing practice. It has implications for every aspect of organisational communication and conversation in the public sphere.

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