20 years; 20 communicators

To celebrate the Company of Communicators 20th anniversary we are profiling 20 Company members in the lead up to our big day.

Today we profile Mark Glover, Executive Chairman, SEC Newgate UK.

Career Highlights

  • 2021-present: Executive Chairman, SEC Newgate UK

  • 2017- present: Executive Director, SECNewgate, a top 30 Global PR Group

  • 2019-present: PRCA, Fellow and Management Board Member

  • 2015- present: Honorary Alderman of the London Borough of Southwark

Why did you join the Company of Communicators?

Mark Glover: I was invited to join originally by Tony Halmos who knew that I had interest in the workings of the City and was looking for a way of focusing my charitable efforts on something that linked to my work as a communicator. Once involved I saw the potential for the Company to be a place for senior comms professionals to work in fellowship and use their acquired expertise and networks to do something positive for the charities that the Company works with, whilst enjoying the historical links with the City of London.

What benefits have you derived from joining?

Mark Glover: One of the first benefits is understanding more broadly the working of the Livery movement and the good it can do. Until you are involved it can be a little bit of a closed book and yet achieving full livery status will be a significant achievement, allow the Company to do more charitable work and earn a place for Communicators in the City’s rich history. Whilst also creating a modern company that can contribute to improving the industry’s professionalism by highlighting best practice. I also thoroughly enjoy working with people with a common interest in communication but from across the different industry disciplines.

What are the main challenges you are experiencing in communications today?

Mark Glover: I feel very strongly that we are often in danger of taking a narrow London-centric view on issues. Widening participation in the industry means recruiting people from a wide range of skillsets with different cultural and educational backgrounds from across the UK. That diversity of view will ensure that communicators speak to the whole country and ensure that the needs of communities across the UK are heard by critical decision makers in media and in Government. Identifying and retaining talented people with this diversity of experience is probably the industry’s biggest challenge.

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