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20 years; 20 communicators

To celebrate the Company of Communicators 20th anniversary we are profiling 20 Company members in the lead up to our big day.

Today we profile Iain Anderson, Executive Chairman at Cicero/AMO.

Career Highlights

  • 2015-present: Executive Chairman, Cicero/AMO

  • 2018-present: Chair, Fintech Strategy Group

  • 2018-present: Chair, Coriolis TradeTech

  • 2014-2016: Chair, Association of Professional Political Consultants - @APPC_UK

  • 2010-2012: Chair, CIPR Public Affairs

Why did you join the Company of Communicators?

Iain Anderson: I joined the Company because I hugely enjoy helping to support the profession grow in every sense. I especially enjoy the ‘in conversation’ events where communicators from a variety of disciplines and stages in their careers can get together - bringing a huge number of perspectives.

What benefits have you derived from joining?

Iain Anderson: The benefits of being part of the Company include the simple strength of the fellowship of others. That has been really important over the last year. Everyone shares a deep love of their work and that’s rather inspiring. Maintaining and evolving a traditional part of the City is also a great thing to do.

What are the main challenges you are experiencing in communications today?

Iain Anderson: Our newly atomised world - since COIVD - means there is a lot of connection but perhaps less developed social capital. For those of us with experience - social capital is a key driver of opportunity. We must find new ways to allow new entrants to our sector to be able develop and grow. Beyond that - the climate emergency and the debate on diverse workplaces has rightly changed everything. There is more focus than ever before on ESG. But the challenge is clear you need to back words with tangible and rapid action.

If you are interested in joining the Company of Communicators, please click here

Members can book tickets for the 20th anniversary reception here

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