The Company of Communicators has several affiliations with military units engaged in communications across the Navy, Army and Airforce as well as the Pen and Sword Club.


The objective of these affiliations is to provide support - particularly to our Members in the Reserve forces - by sharing best practice, offering advice and training in specialist areas.


The contribution of our Reserve and full time forces is recognised annually by the Company at its annual Military dinner where exceptional work in communication is recognised through awards made by our Company to the most deserving military personal.




The Royal Navy’s Media Operations Specialisation 


The Royal Naval Reserve, together with the Royal Marines Reserve, form the Maritime Reserves. The Maritime Reserves is the fifth fighting arm of the Royal Navy and is made up of around 3000 men and women from all backgrounds and walks of life who train and work alongside full-time sailors and Royal Marines but on a part-time basis and in times of crisis. They are a fully integrated part of the Royal Navy’s ‘total strength’.


The Royal Navy relies on the Media Operations Specialists (MOS) of the Royal Naval Reserve to:

  1. Train the Royal Navy to interact with the media

  2. Provide guidance and support to the Royal Navy in situations where the media is involved.


The day-to-day work of the MOS is diverse.  It includes escorting journalists to deployed ships and operational theatres; advising senior officers on communications strategies and briefing them prior to interviews; generating stories and coordinating output; monitoring foreign media; training personnel prior to deployment; and protecting service personnel and their loved ones in emotionally-charged situations.


The fact that so many MOS officers and photographers have been so busy is testament not only to the high tempo of operations, requests for embeds and international exercises, but also the importance of good internal and external communications to Defence. A member of the MOS can find themselves one day on board a warship, another scrambling into helicopters, and another racing ashore with the green berets of the Royal Marines. It's a job with plenty of variety where no day is ever the same or predictable!.  In the past few years, the MOS have filled headquarters roles, campaign planning in Afghanistan, Iraq, Bahrain, Naples and the UK.  They have also served at sea off the coasts of Libya, Somalia, Sierra Leone, in the Arabian Gulf, the Caribbean as well on board HMS Queen Elizabeth, the Royal Navy’s fleet flagship.


Army Engagement and Communications

As the Army’s communications experts the Engagement and Communications (E&C) team provided guidance and direction to the British Army on all aspects of Engagement and communications to support our core purpose, the Army E&C mission:

‘Conduct coherent and influential internal and external communication in order to improve understanding of the British Army and maintain, protect and enhance its reputation.’

Through a dedicated team of regular & reserve military and civil service communicators utilising a network of regional offices and the main hubs of Army HQ in Andover and MOD main building in London, engaging with their internal and external audiences following the 4 themes for all Army communication: People, Purpose, Innovation, and International. The Army communicates through many mediums; social media, Written word, press articles, TV and radio, as well as one-off events for unique and special occasions. All hoping to engage with our audiences and give a full understanding of the Army, what we do, and how we do it.

For more information go to:  https://www.army.mod.uk


7644 SQN RAF Media Reserves


7644 Sqn provides an important readiness capability to deliver specialist media operations support to Air and Joint media operations.  Air Media & Communications rely on 7644 Sqn to deliver some of the main media outputs for its various campaigns and to provide unparalleled expertise on exercises, operations and campaign media planning. 


This role continues to broaden as the unique value RAF Media Reserves bring, by providing specialist and niche skills not available through the Regular component, is further recognised. 


The range and number of taskings belies the fact 7644 Sqn, the RAF Media Reserves, is a small unit where many personnel have primary employment elsewhere.  7644 Sqn continue to provide media expertise or media product somewhere in the UK or abroad on a weekly basis.

Pen and Sword club.png

Pen and Sword Club 


The Pen & Sword Club, originally formed by the British Army's Media Operations Group (V) has expanded to include officers of the UK's armed forces and related civilian information staffs and offers honorary membership to NATO specialists and Associate Membership to supporters of media ops with connections within the defence and public relations industries. It promotes media operations as essential in 21st century military operations and peace keeping and as a valuable and necessary military skill. The club is regionalised throughout the UK and also offers business and social networking opportunities. The club issues a professional journal and a newsletter as well as sponsoring debate on media operations topics.