Members join the Company for many reasons: some for the fellowship, some for the events; every member gets the opportunity for closer involvement in the City of London and the chance to give something back on behalf of their profession.  Membership also offers the chance to make lifelong friendships with like-minded people from all sectors of the communications industry.

Membership is open to those who are engaged at a senior level in the practice of communications, or who have a strong alliance with and interest in the industry. Our members cover a range of disciplines from PR to public affairs to corporate, internal and external communications to campaign management, reputation management and CSR.

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The main benefits of being a member are:

  • Opportunities to ‘give back’ by supporting and assisting the Company’s varied charitable activities

  • Opportunities to attend events and dinners arranged by the Company, including formal black-tie dinners in livery halls, an annual news quiz, a Christmas carol concert

  • Opportunities to attend events and dinners with other Livery Companies and Guilds

  • Opportunities to become involved in a wide range of City events, including the Lord Mayor’s Treasure Hunt and the annual sheep drive

  • A chance to receive the Freedom of the City of London

  • Regular association with peers and colleagues from a mix of providers, users, entrepreneurs, investors and professionals from across the communications industry and within allied support industries and organisations

  • Partners, and in most cases guests, are welcome to virtually all the social events of the Company.

Strengthen our impact and fellowship

These are challenging times for the communication profession and for the organisations supporting and supplying it. 2020 has shown the fortitude and creativity of communicators across all sectors. At a time when the importance of the profession has proved so crucial to the City of London and to the nation as a whole, we want to expand
our membership to bring a broad and diverse set of perspectives to our work.

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Spring Dinner 2019

Military Dinner April 2018

Military Dinner April 2018

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Lord Mayor's Show 2018

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Lord Mayor's Show 2017

Lord Mayor's Show 2017

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