The Three Stages to achieve full Livery Status.

There are three stages to pass through before a company is able to achieve full Livery status.  Having started as a guild (the first stage), the Company of Communicators became a ‘Company without Livery’ in 2013. This is the second stage.  We will reach the third stage - becoming a full Livery Company entitled to call ourselves the Worshipful Company of Communicators – when we have reached certain financial targets, which applies both to our general funds and to our Charitable Trust.  There are currently 110 full Livery Companies.  We hope to become number 111.

What is a Founder Liveryman? Who gets to be one?

A liveryman is a full member of the company and a freeman of the City of London. Only freemen of the company and City can become liverymen. Applicants become members/Freemen of the company first, then progress through ‘Redemption’ to become a Freeman of the City of London. Freemen and Liverymen of the company commit to pay annual dues (‘Quarterage’) and make a specific commitment to contribute to the charitable fund.

When a Worshipful livery company is created, there are different categories of membership. During the year the company is formed, there is the one-off opportunity to become one of the founders – a ‘Founder Liveryman’. After the year of founding, freemen can then become liverymen but the title of ‘founder’ is only available to be awarded during the year.

The process involves a candidate wearing a company livery gown and is said to be “enclothed”.  A liveryman can vote in the elections for senior civic posts (Lord Mayor, chamberlain and other officers).


Why is there a fee to become a Founder Liveryman? 

The fee of £1,000 to become a Founder Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Communicators will go in its entirety to the charitable fund. This has to be contributed in advance in order to achieve the capital for the charity to qualify for the status as a full livery company and most importantly, to enable charitable giving and social action to support the communications profession. Freemen who are not eligible, or do not want to become Founder Liverymen, still contribute by paying their Quarterage (annual dues) and by making their donation to the charitable fund. We propose to cap the number of Founder Liverymen at 100.

In addition to the full fee going to the charitable fund to boost our ability to donate, Founder Liverymen are also able to:

  • Use the title Founder Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Communicators

  • Use a Founder Liveryman digital badge

  • Be invited to attend (at cost) a high-profile Founders’ event

  • Be recognised as a Founder Liveryman on a dedicated webpage

How many Liverymen are there in the Company? Is there a limited number? Why?

At the moment, there are no restrictions on the number of Freemen or future Liverymen for the company. The Court of Aldermen recommend a ceiling of 300 members. To become a Liveryman, applicants must be Freemen of the company and then of the City. We are looking for 100 Founder Liverymen (for the first year of the Worshipful Company of Communicators).

Can I still participate fully in the Company if I am not a Liveryman? Same for Founder Liveryman?

Membership of the Court will only be open to Liverymen.

Only Liverymen can vote in City elections for the senior civic roles (e.g. Lord Mayor).

Are there any specific rights, benefits, duties or responsibilities as a Founder Liveryman?

Founder members will benefit from the following benefits:

  • Use the title Founder Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Communicators

  • Use a Founder Liveryman digital badge

  • Be invited to attend (at cost) a high-profile Founders’ event

  • Be recognised as a Founder Liveryman on a dedicated webpage.

Founder Liverymen are not expected to take on any additional roles or responsibilities aligned to their Founder Livery status. In line with existing company policy, the Company will be delighted for Founder Liverymen to become actively involved in the Livery, Court Committees and our exciting plans and charitable initiatives in support of the communications profession. However, this is not a pre-requisite.

Only Liverymen can vote in City elections for the senior civic roles (e.g. Lord Mayor).

What is the charitable impact of the Company's work?

The Company’s charitable work is delivered through

  • Volunteering activities coordinated by the Head of Volunteering (e.g. The Gift of Communication;

  • Pro bono activities;

  • Support for City events e.g. the Sheep Drive, Livery Schools Link;

  • Charitable donations (currently restricted while we secure the target endowment capital of £300k).

What are the long-term plans for impact?

The charity committee and charitable fund trustees will be working together to produce a medium term plan for the endowment.

How much am I being asked to donate?

The Company is asking for a charitable donation of £1,000 to achieve Founder Liveryman status. We also encourage individuals to donate via Gift Aid where possible, to further enhance the value to the Charitable Trust.

We would be delighted to receive expressions of interest for corporate or individual sponsorship. The Company and Charitable Trust will look to recognise endeavour and achievement in line with our charter and charitable purpose. We are delighted to discuss sponsorship opportunities for your name – or your organisation’s brand – to be associated with an award that shines a light on outstanding contribution in the field of communications or an association with one of our events. Our ideas are developing – and we would welcome your input too!

All company freemen are requested to donate £100 annually to the charitable fund.

What happens to my donation?

Your donation is made to the Company’s Charitable Trust, to support its charitable objectives and contribute towards the Company achieving the threshold to attain full Livery status.

The Charitable Trust is governed by a separate board of Trustees, reporting to the Court and regulated by the Charity Commission. All the money raised for the trust will be safeguarded and protected to:

  • Support charitable organisations and good causes relevant to the communications profession

  • Support, maintain and grow the endowment.


When and how will I become a Founder Liveryman?

The Company will provide a formal charitable/tax receipt immediately on receipt of your donation and also confirm its intention that Founder Liveryman status is to be conveyed.

The Company hopes to attain Livery status {within 18 months /end of 2022} subject to the completion of all fundraising activities. Clearly, as recent global events have demonstrated, there may be some changes to plans. From the commitment and enthusiasm of all members /Freemen and expressions of support received to date, we are confident of achieving our goals.

Founder Liveryman status will be bestowed on members once Formal Livery status has been granted to the Company by the City of London Court of Aldermen.

Founder Liverymen will then receive written confirmation. Founder Liverymen will be recorded on the Company’s website and other suitable publications as deemed appropriate by the Livery Company from time to time.  It is likely that Founder Liverymen will be recorded in the formal Charter of Worshipful Livery status.

Founder Liverymen will receive a Founder Liveryman digital badge for use on email / LinkedIn profile etc.

A formal announcement and presentation will be made at a high-profile livery event and via a formal press communication.


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