The Company of Communicators is moving its membership fee payment (quarterage) regime to a secure, direct debit (DD) basis, to reduce the administrative burden on our Clerk and Treasurer and to align the Company with modern and secure, payment methods.

A small number of Members – our Direct Debit “Angels” - have already entered into such arrangements so making life a whole lot easier and much less costly for our volunteer administrative team and Clerk.

So, for 2019/20, the Court is asking that you too become and ‘Angel’ and pay your £240 quarterage fee through the secure automated regime that we have set up on the Company’s website: 

As a further layer of security, the payment regime lies within the Members area of the website. To access it, you will need to register with the site as a Member before you can begin the payment process. The Clerk will confirm your registration before you can move forward.(This process is akin to, say, registering with the Government Gateway before you can get into the system to sort out your tax affairs).

Once you have had your registration confirmed, then please log into your Member account and look, in the drop-down menu, for “Direct Debit Mandate”

From the Membership Payment page you can create your DD mandate. So, click on the Company’s logo and fill in the form, follow the instructions, and the automated system will take care of the rest. As soon as your Treasurer receives your mandate, the Treasurer will debit you account to pay for this year's quarterage.

As for the future, in a year’s time you will automatically receive notification that the Company is about to take out your upcoming year’s payment. If, for whatever reasons, you wish to cancel your DD mandate, then you can do so at that time.

If, this year, you do not wish to pay by Direct Debit, then the Court has decided to levy a £50 administrative charge to cover the additional administrative and banking costs.

Please contact the Clerk should you wish to pay by a different method:

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